Json API Creation For Communication Of 5 Variables Between Web Interface And Desktop Application

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We have desktop Python application that works with excel documents imports in order to do some processing In order to get rid of the excels that are generated from a website, we want to create an API that will provide this information directly to the desktop application thanks to 1 endpoint. We have 2 processes with 2 excels attached The 1st excel has 3 columns with variables The 2nd excel has 4 columns with variables So, we can say that the variables are similar between 2 excels except the Reason Notes The ONLY thing you have to do is to provide those variables on demand to the desktop application. So, the project is 1. We provide you FTP access 2. You create a page where we will be able to copy the excel data with those 5 column Variables Process Names (Capture Or Refund will be the 2 options) / Order Number / Amount / Reason (that will be filled only when we send data for 2nd process) 3. On demand we will send those data to the Desktop Application but we do NOT need to save them as it is a demo project (we will submit only 1 process at a time for the variables) 4. The desktop application will do the process that will take some time 5. After completion of the process , the desktop will send back some variables to know the status of the process (that xxx lines (order) were processed listing which order numbers failed. You will have to show the status. We do NOT need to save it is a demo project You will have to speak with the freelancer who created the Desktop application to see how you will send the data in Batch

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Hi, I am a website developer. I can create an API that . . .

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