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I have worked with NDTV Media Ltd., Madison World, JD General and Sky B Bangla Pvt. Ltd. In my long 20+ years of professional career I have taken lead roles in various fields like Billing, Scheduling, General Administration, Advertising, Strategy Building, Client Servicing, Finance & Accounts, Operations, Workflow Planning, After-Sales Services, MIS & Team Management, Credit Administration, Innovation, Project Planning, Data Analysis & Management with aforesaid front line organizations. I would like to define myself as a n incisive professional with functional expertise in diverse fields and diverse industries. Having 20+ years of qualitative and enriching experience in Digital Marketing, Billing, Scheduling, General Administration, Ad Operations, Finance & Accounts, Traffic-Operations, After-Sales Services, MIS, and Data Analysis & Management. A Proactive Leader and Planner with expertise in Strategy Building, Workflow Planning, Team Management, Project Planning & Digital Ad Planning.


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